Food Delivery motorcycle insurance in Singapore

Using one’s motorcycle for food delivery in Singapore has been a popular option. However, when it comes to such usage, does your current motorcycle insurance cover you? What are the options in the market for food delivery motorcycle insurance in Singapore!

Various insurance providers in Singapore do help you cover food delivery clause as an extra cover or provide commercial insurance for delivery services like Grab food, Food panda etc.

What does food delivery add on cover mean

If you use your motorcycle for commercially delivering food to customers, then this usage of your motorcycle is termed as food delivery usage for insurance purposes.

You will have to declare usage of your motor or motorcycle for food deliveries else insurers may void your policies when it comes to claims.

Some insurers restrict usage of delivery only to food and not necessarily include usage for delivery of other products such as packages or other purchases. Please check with your insurer for what they cover before you intend to use the motorcycle for such usages.

Food delivery usage may also be covered under commercial motor or motorcycle insurance. Some insurers do not include this add on in personal insurance and you will have to buy a commercial motorcycle insurance instead.

A notable amount of insurers in Singapore do offer food delivery add on or cover on motorcycle insurance.

Does your current motorcycle insurance cover you for food delivery

If you have not opted for food delivery usage or declared exclusively that you would be using your motorcycle for food deliveries, chances are your current motorcycle insurance does not cover you for food delivery.

You should not be riding your motorcycle for food deliveries without a proper cover.

As such, if an accident occurs during such a delivery, you will not be covered at all by the insurer. Riding your motorcycle for food delivery without insurance is also illegal.

How to check if your motorcycle insurance covers you for food delivery

If you have opted for any food delivery usage add on or if your insurance covers food delivery usage, it should be clearly stated in the policy documents you received when you buy the insurance.

Most insurance policy documents make sure it is mentioned what is covered and what you have declared your use of the motorcycle is. This is only just for them as it is a legal document mentioning in what scenarios you will get a payout and what should you make sure you do or don’t do.

If you do not have policy documents you can always phone or contact your insurer by other available means to check the allowed usage on your policy.

What to do if my current motorcycle insurance does not cover me for food delivery

If your current insurance does not cover you for food delivery usage, you cannot legally use your motorcycle for food deliveries. You should try and get your policy endorsed for food delivery usage.

  1. Contact your insurer and check if they do offer food delivery usage.
  2. If so, get them to endorse your policy to include food deliveries cover.
  3. Extra premium or fees will also be applied when you buy food delivery insurance add on or cover.

Which insurers in Singapore offer food delivery usage

Singapore’s motorcycle insurance is quite competitive and has various players that offer motorcycle insurance. However as we have noticed, not all insurers allow you to opt for food delivery cover on their online application forms except a few.

If you are buying the insurance online, check if you can declare the food delivery usage.

For insurers who do not allow you to opt for food delivery insurance cover, you might have to either call them or contact their agents.

The below insurers are amongst a few who offer Food deliveries cover for motorcycle insurance.

  1. NTUC Income
  2. DirectAsia Insurance
  3. MSIG
  4. AXA
  5. Sompo Insurance

Let’s look at how to get food delivery insurance from the above providers.

NTUC Income Food delivery motorcycle insurance

You can get NTUC Income Food delivery motorcycle insurance by calling the motor insurance sales department.

Contact for NTUC Income is 6789 9595.

DirectAsia Food delivery motorcycle insurance

One can declare food delivery as a usage option online for Directasia motorcycle insurance. Head over to Directasia’s website to get a quote.

Usage requirements on DirectAsia’s motorcycle food delivery insurance are listed here under Usage Requirements (Commercial Usage).

MSIG Food delivery motorcycle insurance

MSIG offers commercial insurance for motor which will cover your usages.

To get a food delivery insurance from MSIG, you can contact them here.

AXA Food delivery motorcycle insurance

For AXA’s food delivery motorcycle insurance, you can contact them here.

Sompo Food delivery motorcycle insurance

Sompo does cover food delivery usage on a motorcycle. For more details on Sompo’s commercial motor insurance, you can contact them at 6564616555. More details for Sompo food delivery insurance here.

Does food delivery usage cost more than normal motorcycle insurance.

Yes, food delivery covered insurance costs more than a normal motorcycle insurance.

As a food delivery rider, the insurance underwriters claim that there is a higher risk of accidents due to more usage of vehicles for deliveries. To cover this risk, the premium is increased.

Some food delivery partners may offer third party liability insurance only to cover injuries caused to third person while delivery your food. You would also like to check more with food delivery partner’s customer support.

What do you need to make sure if your delivery partner requires the policy documents

If you are seeking to submit the insurance policy documents to delivery partners like Grab, Deliveroo, or the likes, you need to make sure the Food delivery clause is clearly stated in the policy document.

The documents also need to clearly state the riders name. If you have any other riders insured, this should be clearly stated. You can always verify the official requirements from delivery partners websites. For e.g., Grab and Deliveroo food delivery insurance requirements.

If you are looking to purchase motorcycle insurance, do read our article on tips to save on your motorcycle insurance.

Have you found getting food delivery insurance in Singapore easy? Do let us know your thoughts below.

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