Any Rider Motorcycle insurance in Singapore

Wondered if you could have a motorcycle insurance which would allow any rider to ride it and yet not void the insurance policy terms ? Having a motorcycle insurance is mandatory in Singapore. It is illegal to ride a motorcycle without insuring it.

However, most of the riders can insure their own bike. What if -sometimes you want to lend your bike to some one or share a bike. If it is not practical to name all the possible riders on the bike, “Any rider insurance” comes to the rescue.

What is Any rider motorcycle insurance

Any rider insurance allows any authorised rider to ride your bike and yet be covered under your insurance policy. Of course, the definition of any rider has to be met with as defined under your policy document.

To understand any rider in depth, knowing the difference between any rider v/s named riders would be helpful

What is the difference between Any rider insurance vs Named rider insurance

Named riders are those riders whom you name on your policy. You’ll have to provide all the details of the riders when you buy the policy. Also these are the only riders – along with the main rider you declare, who can legally ride the bike under the insurance cover.

On the other hand, any riders need not be named on your policy. As Long as the riders meet the requirements of the definitions of any rider by the insurer, they can ride your bike and yet be covered under the insurance policy.

What is better? Any rider or named rider insurance

The straight forward answer on this is, it all depends on your usage. If you have someone whom you know will share your bike, and will be the only one- then you should opt for named rider.

However, if you know your bike will be shared by someone whom you can’t name on your insurance plan- opt for any rider plans.

The cost of named rider and any riders plans will be different.

Is any rider insurance plan available in Singapore.

DirectAsia Insurance has introduced any rider plan in Singapore in early 2019.

Any rider can be added as an extra optional benefit to your policy. In order to add any rider benefit, get a quote with Directasia, and do not opt for named rider. On the cover details page, you’ll have various extra options you can add. Any rider should be one of them.

FWD Insurance Singapore also provides any rider optional benefit. As a part of this benefit, they insure Any authorised rider that you may consider eligible to ride the bike. This is also an extra add on you opt for on the quote page of the website.

However, if the authorised rider is less than 22 years old, then there is an extra excess to be paid.

Unlike Directasia, there is no premium differences if you can choose the age category of any riders who will ride the bike.

NTUC Income on the other hand only has named rider plans. However they do allow extra named riders based on certain conditions. See our NTUC Income’s named rider details explained below.

Directasia’s Any rider insurance explained.

One can add any rider optional benefit to Directasia’s motorcycle policy.

The definition of any rider is as below:

  1. Firstly the rider must be authorised by you to ride your bike. The bike should not be rode without your consent.
  2. The authorised any rider must have a valid motorcycle driving license with at least 2 years of motorcycle driving experience.
  3. Any rider who rides the bike should be accident free (Not at fault claims) for three consecutive years, prior to the policy inception date or the policy start date.
  4. The any rider must not be under suspension or disqualification from riding or driving in the last 5 years.
  5. The motorcycle should not be used for rental or food delivery purposes.

You can further choose the any riders optional benefit based on the any riders age. If your any riders would be 25 to 65 years old, the optional benefit extra premium is bit costly.

You can also opt for a different any riders optional benefit if the age is between 30 to 65 years old. The extra premium in that case is bit less.

Looking at the example premium difference between 25 to 65 years old plan v/s 30 to 65 years old any rider plan, there seems to be surcharge for young riders.

Any rider optional benefit or add on is available on all plans like Comprehensive, Third party-Fire & theft and Third party only.

FWD’s Any authorised rider explained.

FWD allows to add an extra optional benefit or add on called “authorised rider” to the policy.

As per their policy documentation below is the definition and requirements.

  1. Authorised rider is any one who “You” think is eligible to ride the bike
  2. If the authorised rider is below 22 years old , then an excess is applicable.

FWD’s authorised rider add is available on all plans like Comprehensive, TPFT and TPO.

NTUC Income’s Named rider plans

According to NTUC Income , the policy holder can name only one named rider on the policy.

Two named riders can be allowed if the registered owner of the motorcycle does not have a driving license.

As there is no any riders add on with NTUC, the named riders additions changes the premium. The premium is based on the risk profile primary as well as the named rider.

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