What are the Seatbelt rules in Singapore

When it comes to buckling up your seatbelts in your vehicle, one wonders what are the seatbelt rules in Singapore. The Singapore’s Road Traffic (Motor Vehicles, Seat Belts) Rules defines that the driver of the vehicle must ensure that the passengers are wearing seat belts. It is compulsory for all passengers to wear seat belts or child restraints when applicable in the vehicle you are travelling.

Age or Height limit of seat belt rules or Child restraints/ Seats

Until what age or height should your child wear seatbelts? Earlier, the seatbelt rules in Singapore required to have child restraints for all children under the age of 8. However, this rule was amended to require child restraints with a height threshold of 1.35m. Thus any child above the height of 1.35m or any adult above the height of 1.35m will have to wear seat belts.

Front seat belts rules in Singapore

The seatbelt rules in Singapore requires that any vehicle to which this rule applies and is registered on or after Jan 1973 are required to have frontal seat belts. The front seat belts must be designed for the driver, front passenger or any other passengers in the front.

Front seat belts must always be worn by the driver and all the passengers.

Seat belt rules for Taxis in Singapore

All passengers in travelling in taxis are recommended to wear seat belts. Children or adults under the height of 1.35m are required to travel on the rear seats of the taxi. Taxis are exempted from the child restraint rule in the rear for children below 1.35m. This is due to the impracticability of them carrying child restrainer. Children or adults under the height of 1.35m may choose to travel in the front seats. However, they are required to provide their own approved child restraint or booster seat to be belted up appropriately.

Should you wear seat belts on the rear seats

Research has proved that wearing seat belts even whilst in the rear is beneficial and can save lives. During collisions or sudden breaking, passengers on the rear seat are more likely to be overthrown from their seats.

By law, vehicles in Singapore who can carry not more than two rear passengers are required to have seat belts for each rear passenger. Vehicles who can carry more than two rear passengers are required to either have seat belts for all or at least two and lap belts for each of the others.

Fines for not wearing seat belts in Singapore

A fine of $120 will be imposed on adult passengers who fail to belt up. If charged in court and convicted, the penalty shall be a fine not exceeding S$1,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 months and in the case of a second or subsequent offence, to a fine not exceeding S$2,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months

Removing or altering the seat belts is illegal by law. Any damaged seat belts must be replaced as soon as possible.

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