Steps to get an international driving license in Singapore

As a Singapore Driving license holder, if you fancy driving on overseas roads, you need an International Driving License or commonly known as International Driving Permit or IDP. This permit is valid for a span of one year. Below are the steps to get an international driving license in Singapore.

As per the law, the automobile association of Singapore or AA are the only legally authorised organisation to issue International driving permits or International driving license in Singapore. In order to get one, you may visit them at one of their offices located as Kung Chong, Leisure Park Kallang, Pearls Centre or River valley. If all the requirements for an IDP are met, they can be issued on the spot and usually this whole process should not take more than an hour.

How to get IDP or International Driving Permit in Singapore.

Singapore IDP can be applied for online and self collected in 5 days or asked to be mailed to you. One can also walk in at Automobile Association office to get one in person. Please check your eligibility and documents required to get a Singapore International Driving Permit.

Who is eligible for Singaporean IDP and what documents should you present ?

  •  All applicants, Singaporean, Permanent residents or Foreigners are eligible to apply for IDP, provided they hold Singaporean driving license.
  •  IDP or International Driving Permit in Singapore is not issued to foreigners holding their driving licenses issued by other countries. In this case, the foreigner may approach their local embassy to find out more of their respective procedures.
  •  The documents required to apply for IDP are NRIC and Singapore Traffic police issued driving license. If you have a foreign driving license, you’ll have to convert it to Singapore driving license in order to get an international driving license from Singapore.

Applying International Driving Permit at Ang Mo Kio, Singapore:

One can walk in to the AAS Center in Ang Mo Kio, Singapore to apply for IDP.

The Ang Mo Kio branch is located at :

51 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3
#02-02, 51@AMK
Singapore 569922 , (Next to AMK Hub, above McDonald and S11 Coffee Shop)

Applying International Driving Permit at Kallang Bahru , Singapore:

One can walk in to the AAS Center in Kallang Bahru , Singapore to apply for IDP.

The Kallang Bahru  branch is located at :

535 Kallang Bahru
#01-08, GB Point
Singapore 339351, (Opp Geylang Bahru MRT station, exit A)

Applying International Driving Permit at Kung Chong Road, Redhill , Singapore:

One can walk in to the AAS Center in Kung Chong Road, Redhill, Singapore to apply for IDP.

The Kallang Bahru  branch is located at :

2 Kung Chong Road
#04-01, AA Centre
Singapore 159140, (Walk 7 mins from Redhill MRT, exit A)

Before you walk in, you need to make sure you have the below documents.

  • Singapore driving license and NRIC/ FIN card.
  • If you are applying for someone else, a copy of their Singapore driving license and NRIC/FIN as well as passport size photograph will be needed.
  • If you are walking in yourselves, no photograph is required, as the photo is shot then and there for no additional charges.

How long does it take to get IDP in Singapore

It takes 1 to 2 hours of time to issue an IDP or International Driving Permit for walk-ins. For online applications, it could take 3-4 days as it includes delivery by post.

Applying online:

Automobile association of Singapore also allows online application of IDP. The online application link can be found here.

Before you apply online :

One needs soft copies of the below documents for online application.

  •  Scanned copy of Singapore issued driving license- Both front and back
  •  Scanned copy of NRIC for Singaporeans/ Scanned copy of employment pass/ FIN for foreigners.
  • Soft copy for recent passport-sized photograph of yours taken within the last two years.

Online application takes bit longer- compared to walk-ins. IDPs requested via online forms can be also self-collected around within 5 working days. Else they mail out using SingPost and takes 3- 5 business days.

Things to note:

  • The validity of IDP is only one year.
  • Your original Singapore issued driving licence should also be presented along with IDPs to drive overseas.
  • IDP cannot be issued to holders of valid foreign driving licences. They must apply for the IDP in the country that issued their driving licence. However, foreigners can convert their driving license to Singapore driving license.


The fees to issue at the time of writing this article is around 20 SGD.  Online application optionally requires SGD 5.50 more for courier services.

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